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RM12-110LFPXSLSS Remco Super Slim Lithium 110AH DC2DC

RM12-110LFPXSLSS Remco Super Slim Lithium 110AH DC2DC

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Remco Super Slim 110Ah Lithium battery with built in DC2DC Charger. 

The lightweight 110Ah capacity Super Slim Line (SSL) battery range from REMCO is constructed using the latest generation prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells. At just 50mm thick the slim batteries are designed for those tight places that traditional-sized batteries can’t fit into. All models contain an inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS) that provides up to 100A of continuous discharge and can be placed in parallel to cater for higher power and greater capacity. The RM12-110LFPXSLDC (110Ah) model comes with a built-in 20A DC-DC charger which charges the battery from any 12V vehicle system with either traditional or smart alternators. The strong aluminium casing provides extra durability and performance for advanced battery systems.

● Internal 100A BMS ● Strong powder coated aluminium enclosure ● Lightweight 11kg 110Ah batteries ● Terminal post connectors (DC model) ● 50A grey Anderson connector

SPECIFICATIONS Models Capacity Nominal Voltage Type Voltage Charge Current Discharge Current Operating Temp Weight Life at 80% DoD Life at 50% DoD Size (LxDxH)  RM12-110LFPXSL RM12-110LFPXSLDC 110Ah 12.8V LiFePO4 Charge 14.6V max 100A cont/200A peak 100A (100Ah) 0-45oC 11kg 110Ah 2,000 cycles 5,000 cycles 635X255X50 (110Ah) 3 years Warranty 

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