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Stop / Start Car Starting or Hybrid Auxiliary Battery. 

The new range of ACDelco AGM and EFB batteries feature key new technologies to meet the demanding requirements of modern vehicles with Stop/Start technology.

With a global focus on clean air and green technology, vehicle manufacturers are producing, designing and selling more and more models with Stop/Start fuel saving features. By 2015 it is estimated that 70% of vehicles made and sold in the European Union will feature this technology.

With the ability to handle a greater depth of discharge, AGM and EFB batteries are also the right choice for high demand applications such as taxi’s, couriers and off-road vehicles.

Features & Benefits

EFB – Enhanced Flooded Battery

  • Evolved from the proven Sealed Maintenance Free range, our new EFB batteries are designed and manufactured to perform under the toughest conditions.
  • Ultra high density plate material for high corrosion resistance
  • Increased charge acceptance
  • High depth of discharge lifecycle
  • Wrought expanded grids with higher Sn (Tin) content
  • Ideally suited to active management charging systems, high demand

Battery Specs: 400CCA-43AH
Battery Size (LxWxH): 196x128x225
Warranty: 12-36 months 
Battery Type: EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery)

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