Thunder Battery Box


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THUNDER TDR02008 12V Heavy Duty Battery Box Fits Up To 125Ah AGM

Thunder 12V Heavy Duty Battery Box - Caravan, camping and 4WD enthusiasts are in need of a portable battery box that will withstand all weekend adventures. The Thunder Heavy Duty Battery Box is designed with the 12V caravan, camping and 4WD market in mind. It is big enough to take a 125Ah AGM deep cycle battery and has internal battery strap mounts to keep the battery secure. 

A separate mounting tray makes it easy to remove so you have a portable power supply should you need to power additional devices at the campsite. The Thunder Heavy Duty Battery Box can connect to 12V accessories. Included are 2x recessed 50A Anderson style connectors, these can be used to charge the battery via your DC-DC or solar and power your fridge.

Industrial Grade Polypropylene

The Thunder Heavy Duty Battery Box is made from high strength industrial grade polypropylene copolymer. In a single high speed, high pressure injection mould there are no joins, therefore no weak points. The box has a melting temp of 220°C. The lid has been designed to fit Thunder DC-DC chargers (TDR02020 or TDR02040) externally in the lid recess, or internally on the underside of the lid.

Separate Mounting Tray 

Having a separate mounting tray allows for the battery box to be secure while travelling. It gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily remove the battery should you need to power your accessories where you can’t get your vehicle, or to remove the box if you need extra room or to prevent theft

Accessory Connection

Included is 2 x 12V 15A DC accessory sockets and a 5V 2.4A dual USB socket across the front of the lid. You will also find a digital volt meter so you can keep an eye on your battery status. This has its own on/off switch so it can be switched off when not required.

Anderson Style Connectors 

At the back of the lid there are two recessed Anderson style connectors. These can be connected directly to your battery and be used to either charge your battery or power your 12 volt devices ie. fridge.

Circuit Protection 

The Thunder Heavy Duty Battery Box has safety in mind. There is overload protection via a resettable circuit breaker mounted on the top of the box to protect the accessory socket and USB ports mounted across the front of the lid. Each Anderson style connector is separately protected by a 60A inline maxi fuse.


  • Separate mounting tray with 4x external mounting points.
  • 2x 50A Anderson style connectors with maxi fuses.
  • 2x 12V 15A DC sockets.
  • 5V 2.4A DC dual USB ports.
  • 12V DC volt meter.
  • Resettable circuit breaker.
  • Internal battery hold down points with strap.
  • M5 bolts lock lid in place.
  • Suits batteries up to 120Ah.

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