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Schumacher 12v 3amp charger SPI3

Shumacher Electric

  • $89.00
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12Volt, 3A Battery Charger with Lithium Mode

Microprocessor Controlled – Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life.

For most battery types
- Lithium LiFeP04, AGM, Standard, and Gel Cell.
- Extends battery life - up to 2 years longer.

Multi-lingual Scrolling Display – English, Français, Deutsch.

“Connect It And Forget It” All Season Long
- Charger monitors and maintains the battery when fully charged.
- Resumes continuous charging when battery becomes discharged.

3X Faster
- multi-stage charging for added precision,   safety and battery life.

IP64 Rating

Part Number: 94065050i


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