Portable Carbon Fibre Battery Box with Built in DC-DC Charger

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Portable Carbon Fibre Battery Box

Want the best portable Battery pack on the market?

Keep the wife and kids happy with cold food/drinks and phone/Ipad charged at all times.

Already got a Deep Cycle Battery?


If your a camping enthusiast or just enjoy a day trip to your favourite place, this portable battery box is for you. Perfect to run your fridge, lights, phone chargers and more.

Immaculately presented and designed, this sturdy heavy duty battery box is made out of 3mm thick anodised aluminium and carbon fibre, with a built in DC to DC charger, USB & cigarette sockets, Solar and Auxiliary Anderson plugs, and digital voltmeter is the ultimate in portable power stations.

This carbon fibre battery box has a built in Red Arc BCDC1225D, therefore your battery will receive a quality charge from your vehicle or solar panel. Easily plug into your vehicle's start battery via the blue anderson plug. (Vehicle loom for easy install also included).

Unregulated solar panels can be used through the Red Arc BCDC and regulated solar panels can be connected to 1x of the 2x 50amp auxiliary Anderson plugs.

The chemistry of your battery can easily selected between LITHIUM, AGM or CALCIUM via a 3 position rotary switch.

Internally the dimensions are a massive 345mm x 182mm x 230mm to accommodate most 90 - 140AH LITHIUM, AGM, or CALCIUM batteries.

A 6 metre, 8 B&S twin sheath vehicle harness is included for connecting your main battery through a 50amp Middy Fuse to a Blue Anderson plug for an easy do it yourself installation.

A 2pin DT deutsch plug allows you to connect an Ignition source to your BCDC charger for vehicles with variable voltage/smart alternators.

1x side of lid is left blank for the ability to add extra accessory plugs if required.


Made in Australia
Built in Red Arc BCDC1225D 25amp DC and Solar Charger
Includes LITHIUM (LiFePO4) charging profile
Adjustable Battery Chemistry
Suits batteries 50-140Ah (lithium/AGM/Calcium)
1x Cigarette socket & 1x dual USB socket                                                                     
2x 50amp Auxiliary Anderson plugs                                                                             
1x Digital Voltmeter 
Solar input. Unregulated (red anderson plug) or regulated (grey anderson plug).
Ignition input for variable voltage/smart alternators
Vehicle loom for easy install also available
Metal tool box handles                                                                                         
Rugged casing

Why not add some accessories-
Matson Blue tooth monitor
BM Pro Blue tooth Battery Monitor
240v Battery charger (just ask for a Anderson plug fitted free of charge) 

Recommended Batteries to suit-

Invicta Lithium (125AH)
Zeal Lithium (100AH)
XcellR8 AGM (105AH)
XcellR8 AGM (125AH) 
XcellR8 Calcium (97AH)

Size: 370 x 220 x 295
Weight: 6 kgs.
Stock Status: In stock



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