Bosch AGM Car Battery LN4



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AGM technology (absorbent glass mat) batteries are able to fulfill even higher demands required by modern vehicles. Contrary to batteries with free liquid electrolyte, the sulphuric acid in AGM batteries is bound by glass mats, which is used instead of the separators to fill the space between positive and negative plates.


Constant power even for short distances, stop-and-go traffic or high consumption with the car at a standstill

  • Up to 4 times higher deep-cycle resistance in comparison to conventional starter batteries.
  • Acid is completely bound in microglass fiber mats
  • Excellent charge acceptance
  • Excellent cold starting power
  • Fully sealed and secured against leaks.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Original-equipment quality
  • Catalogue covering over 150 vehicle models (S6) with AGM technology
Equivalent to-
AC Delco - S58090AGM
PowerSonic - PLN4
Century / Yuasa – DIN75LHAGM
Exide / Marshall – SSAGM77EU 
Supercharge – MF77HSS
RACQ – 5556
Lion – AGM80L4


Battery Type: AGM (absorbed glass mat)
Battery Specs: 800CCA-80AH
Battery Size (LxWxH): 314x174x189
Warranty: 12-36 months

Stock Status: Special Order

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