Remco - RM12-140DC - AGM - Deep Cycle - 160AH - 24mth warranty


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Remco RM12-140DC

Remco VRLA AGM Deep cycle range offers superior, deeper discharge recovery thanks to the use of thicker and heavier plates and lower internal resistance. Unlike other VRLA batteries, DC batteries are purpose built to handle the demanding requirements of repeated deep cycle discharge.

  • Shorter charging time compared to standard flooded technology
  • High charge retention rate of 99% to 97% per month
  • No off-gassing with 99.9% efficient gas recombination
  • Traction plate construction protects against premature deep discharge damage
  • 99.99% pure heavy duty lead calcium design for extended grid life
  • Designed for tough applications and repeated deep discharging
  • High impact reinforced cases that are shock and vibration resistant
  • Durable copper and stainless steel terminals for high conductivity
  • Higher active material to acid ratios provides longer battery life than standard deep cycle technology


Battery Type: AGM (absorbed glass mat)
Battery Specs: 160AH @ 20hr
Battery Size (LxWxH): 485x170x240
Warranty: 24 months

Weight- 43.5 kg

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