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A superior option for absolute dependability. The SM Mega Power Plus is developed to exceed the demands of the growing medium-sized vehicle sector and the prevalence of advanced equipment it has introduced.

With DVD players, parking distance control, lane-changing warnings and active suspension systems making their way into the medium vehicle market, the SM Mega Power Plus reinforced outputs have them covered. Further-improved service life is supported by increased warranty for optimal customer peace of mind.

The SM Mega Power Plus is a partner to new-vehicle technology or the customers who just want more.

Features and Benefits

  • Medium vehicle technology
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Suitable for installation in the interior of a vehicle
  • Wide application for vehicles with “bottom-hold-down” requirements (e.g. Korean vehicles)
  • Enhanced durability against high vibration and torque resistance
  • Flame arrestor which prevents spark entry and acid leakage
  • Charge indicator to check charging status
  • High density expanded grid Calcium-Calcium technology provides longer service life
  • Labrynth lid design

Equivalent to-
AC Delco – S95D31LHD / AD95D31L
Century / Yuasa – N70ZZLXMF / N70ZZLMF
Exide / Marshall – XN70ZZLMF / N70ZZLMF / N70ZZL
Supercharge – MF95D31L / SMFN70ZZLX
RACQ – 4704
Lion - 381 / 481
XcellR8 – XN70ZZL

Battery Type: Sealed Maintenance Free
Battery Specs: 790CCA-100AH
Battery Size (LxWxH): 305x172x225
Warranty: 36 months (private use only)

Stock Status: In Stock

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